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Product Description

Momo Baby Foam Wash Description The botanical medicine body foam soap is mixed with the peach leaf extract (moisturizing ingredient). Fluffy air bubbles prevent skin from escaping and wash the nasty soil cleanly. It can be used from 0 months old baby, no additives, suitable for baby skin – Weakly acidic, low irritation – Preservatives, alcohol, spices, coloring Because it matches your baby’s skin with a weak acidity, the skin does not require too much sebum and it is thoroughly cleaned. Since it is a body soap that does not require foaming, you can wash your baby while holding it with one hand. By pharmacist skin irritation test (not everyone’s skin will not be stimulated) Momo Baby Lotion Features: 1. Itching and relieving skin – Containing potassium glycyrrhizinate and allantoin, it calms and soothes the skin, gently relieves itching, removes lice and improves eczema. 2. Natural moisturizing ingredients, soft skin – The two moisturizing ingredients of peach leaf and aloe vera moisturize the skin, leaving the skin healthy and smooth. 3. Mild and low stimulation – It is weakly acidic, free of fragrance or pigment, and protects the baby’s delicate skin. Sensitive muscles are also suitable. Direction: Apply an appropriate amount to the skin. Main ingredients Active Ingredients: Potassium Glycyrrhizinate, Allantoin Other: peach leaf extract, aloe extract


Lotion, Foam Soap, Soap


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